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The Meije Socks are knited toe-up. The bicolor heel is in short rows.
A very simple jacquard pattern keeps the color unity of the balls with color variations. Likewise the two-tone heel is knitted with the thread of the other end of the ball.
It’s the colors and the jacquard pattern that inspired me with this pretty mountain name.
For social media sharing, use the hashtags #meijesocks #ivicreas

An explanatory diagram makes it possible to place the jacquard pattern according to the knitted size, the top and bottom of the sock being symmetrical.

T1/56 st/6¾ T2/60 st/71/2 T3/64 st/73/4 T4/68 st/81/4
T5/72 st/83/4


Gauge : 32 sts x 45 rows, fingering.

Meije Socks (Eng)

4,50 €Prix
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