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Ernestine Socks are knitted from rib to toe, with a reinforced heel and gusset.

The jacquard pattern is very simple, with no yarn crossing, allowing the use of leftover sock wool.

The toe is closed with grafting.

The pattern includes links to videos for some of the techniques.

More or fewer colors can be used. This sock pattern is versatile - just let your imagination run wild!


Sizes/stitch count/circumference


T1/56 st/6¾    T2/60 st/71/2     T3/64 st/7¾    T4/68 st/81/4 T5/72 st/8¾

If you don't know your size, this article will help you choose.


You'll need between 40 and 55g of wool for the main color (40g from T1 to T3, 50g T4, 55g T5).

CC1 10/10/12/15/15g

CC2 10g

CC3 less than 10g (on average 6g is sufficient)

CC4 11g

These quantities may vary according to the length of the foot.


Ernestine Socks (Eng)

4,50 €Prix
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