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Elmire is a sweater with a very feminine fit that knits from the bottom up. The ribbing on the lower back is slightly longer than the ribbing on the front, and both sides form a slit. 
The textured stitch punctuates the knitting, and is very easy to knit, working every other row and quickly memorized.
Sleeves are set-in sleeves knitted from the shoulder to the wrist, forming the sleeve head with shortened rows, with a pleated detail at the top.


Finish bust circumference :    34.6/37.8/40.55/44.5/49.6/54.3"
Total height from shoulder :    19.6/20.4/20.8/21.2/22.4/23.2"
Longueur sous emmanchure* : 13.7"
Body length under armholes* : 16.5"
Sleeve width upper arm / middle forearm to sleeve cuff : (13.9/9.6)    15.7/10.2    (16.8/10.4)    18.07/18.8    (20.3/11.41)    22.7/11.6
Number of skeins required : 3/3/3/4/4/5
* adjustable measure


Material and gauge

Circular needles US 4 or other n° to obtain the sample which is 24 stitches and 32 rows, (textured stitch knitted in the round row 1: *k1, p1*, row 2: k) for the body. Sample washed and blocked.

Double-pointed needles or another pair of US 4 circular needles for the 3-needle flap.

Circular needles US 2.5 or other n° to obtain the sample which is 27 stitches and 40 rows (knit in stockinette in the round) for the sleeves. Sample washed and blocked.

Circular needles US 1.5 for ribbing (ribs and neckline).

Fingering wool 400m/100g

Markers and row counters

Wool needle

Elmire (Eng)

8,00 €Prix
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