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Clementines Socks knit from the tips to the ribs with a textured pattern on the tip and top of the sock. The heel is a heel in shortened rows. The tip, heel and ribs are knitted with the contrasting color. They are ideal for using leftover sock wool, so you can use several contrasting colors or knit them one-colored.
Are indicated in the pattern the necessary quantities by sizes for each of the knitted parts with the contrasting color so that you can maximize your leftover wool (total 10/15/20/25/30g).

Sizes/stitch count/circumference :

T1/56 st/6¾ T2/60 st/71/2
T3/64 st/73/4 T4/68 st/81/4
T5/72 st/83/4

Gauge : 32 sts x 45 rows, fingering.


Clémentine Socks (Eng)

4,50 €Prix
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