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Amel Shawl is a mid-season shawl that is knitted with a single skein of fingering wool, it is ideal to use your solitary skeins or fingering wool skeins just started because it is knitted from one tip to another, the rows are short and this makes it possible to make the most of the amount of wool you have if you had less wool than recommended, it will be enough to knit 50% of your total footage before moving on to decreases.
The lower border is formed by a lace, available in the pattern in the form of a diagram or written explanations row by row.
To be declined in summer colors for the summer season or in more autumnal colors, Amel Shawl will accompany you during the cool evenings of summer or when the temperatures of spring and autumn are too high to wear a large shawl but not high enough to do without it completely!
It measures 67,71” x 12,59”


Gauge : 26 sts x 32 rows, fingering.

Amel Shawl (Eng)

6,00 €Prix
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