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Adelson is a top down raglan cardigan with two panels of small twists on the front sides, a textured stitch that is very easy to make and memorize, since it is knitted on the right side only, all over the body.

The cut is straight, the button bands are knitted at the same time as the garment and the buttonholes are made at the end of the work which allows to adjust the length of the vest without worrying about the buttonholes to open, to choose the buttons after the realization of the garment ....

A false seam is made on the sides and along the sleeves from the bottom of the armhole to the ribs to structure the cut.

To knit it, I used 100% Yak Down dyed by Filindigo, Reseda color.

This fiber brings fluidity and lightness to the vest while remaining a warm garment.

Gauge : 25sts x 3r (US4).
2" 1/2  to 7” 3/4 positive ease at bust.
Finished bust circumference : 35"1/2 (39"1/3) 43"1/3 (47"1/4) (51") (55") 

Number of skeins needed (fingering 400m/100g) : 3/3/3/4/4/5

Adelson (Eng)

8,00 €Prix
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