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A lovely lace yoke characterizes this model, which is knitted from top to bottom and in a circular pattern, with the body and sleeves knitted in single-sided jersey.
Short-sleeved, knitted with a summery yarn, or long-sleeved with a soft, warm wool, it's perfect for any season.
Two options are available for the lower body and sleeves: knitted hem (3 techniques are proposed to realize it) or ribbing.
It comes in seven sizes with a recommended positive ease of 2” to 4”.
Lace instructions are available as a chart or in written form.

Finish bust circumference :
33.4/36.5//39.3/42.1/45.2/47.2/50.5 "

You will need (fingering - sport  360 to 437 yards/100g)
for short sleeve 722/799/859/919/984/1034/1107 yards
for long sleeves 1236/1345/1444/1544/1660/1733/1860 yards

Material and sample

Circular needles US 21/2 or other n° allowing to obtain the sample which is 28 st & 38 rows for 4 x 4 inches (in stockinette).

Circular needles US n°2 for rib (optionnal).

Yarn : fingering/sport 360 to 437 yards/100g.

Markers and row counters.

Cable or thread for stitch holding.

Wool needle.


Note: if you’re using a yarn with a certain stretch (notably one that doesn’t contain a vegetable fiber like merino), cast on with a needle size smaller than that recommended in the instructions.

Aimée (Eng)

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